Making Chain Up Safe and Easy | Chain 'Em Up


Norm Muth has driven a truck across the Rocky Mountain's for more than 10 years and spent countless hours putting on and taking off tire chains for safety. On the side of the highway in subzero temperatures, wind, snow, sleet - you don't need chains when the conditions are good - chaining up is time consuming, tedious work that can be unsafe.

It is such a hassle that many drivers opt to just wait out the conditions or proceed without taking these important safety measures, which can be illegal and is unsafe.

One night on the top of Vail pass in Colorado, Norm's tires spun on the ice while he was trying to align the tires and chains, causing the chain to wrap around the axle. This time, instead of the usual inconvenience of a cold, wet hour of work, Norm had to call a wrecker to remove the tires and free the chain, a significant cost of time and money. There had to be a better way! The idea of Chain 'Em Up was born.